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Deaconess Ministry

As Jesus gives insight into the nature of His church using the symbol of the body in ICorinthians 12, so it is that when we join the Church we become “members” of the body of Christ and are equipped for specific functions by the Holy Spirit. God wills that the various members function effectively toward the common goal of the church: making disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Deaconess Ministry is a ministry of Love and Compassion. The purpose of Deaconess Ministry is to serve the members of the church through prayers, phone calls, visitations, Baptism, Communion.

Our Mission:

Servants representing love and compassion to all people. Our ministry connects through the community by our interactions with our members and their families especially when death has occurred. As bereavement takes place, we provide food/refreshments, and support as needed.

We are available to rendered physical, spiritual, and emotional support as needed to our Sisters in Christ.

We meet by Zoom as needed to plan programs and to review the needs of any ladies needing our assistance. The Deaconess Ministry partners with Community Service and Women’s Ministry to help serve those in our community. 

We currently have 16 members and 5 Youth members that serves the Deaconess Ministry. Our Youth Leader is  Shardee O’Connor and our Head Deaconess is Juliet Gray-Williams. For assistance please contact Mrs. Gray-Williams by Email at jq91486@bellsouth.net

Deaconess Members:

Ida Mae Anderson               Mildred Bolden               Karen Salmon-Evans

Tiara Foreman                     Icymae Francis               Sheilla Harry

Cynthis Holmes                  Emily Lewis                     Laticia Murray

 Zenola Reed                       Beverly Salley-Scott       LeeAnna O’Connor

Dassie Walters- Smalls                                               Miriam McKenzie Williams

Leader: Juliet Gray-Williams

Youth Deaconess Leader:  Shardee O’Connor

Kemaya Hughes                Lyric Murray                      Makara Thompson